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Robert R. Barron, former Senior CIA Disguise Specialist,
committed to restoring identities through prosthetic devices.

Silicone Prosthetic Institute
Silicone Prosthetic Institute and instructors Dr. Robert A. Erb & Robert Pivetta have no affiliation with Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc.

Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc., receives hundreds of inquiries regarding training in the production and design of realistic silicone prostheses.  In response to this demand, Robert Barron, Robert Erb, Ph.D., and Robert Pivetta have collaborated on the formation of the Silicone Prosthetic Institute (SPI).  

Silicone Prosthetic Institute is the most comprehensive, hands-on learning experience offered today.  The faculties combined years of experience and the challenging course curriculum is designed to take you step by step on the path of professional development in the exciting and rewarding field of prosthetic design. 

The 6-day course is scheduled for April 11th through April 16th, 2016.  Class size is limited.  Payment information and recommended lodging accommodations will be forthcoming. Email us at for more information.

The SPI course is presented in English. SPI will make every effort  to arrange for a personal interpreter per your request.  The interpreters fees will be the student's responsibility.  All language assistance request must be submitted no later than one month prior to the course start date.

Robert R. Barron was awarded "The Career Intelligence Medal" in recognition of his exceptional achievements with The Central Intelligence Agency for more than twenty-four years.  The last fifteen years were devoted to the disguise branch.  In July 1993, former CIA Director, James Woolsey, stated, "Mr. Barron is an extraordinary artist and master of the highly specialized craft of personal disguise.  Mr. Barron's competency and artistic skills were unmatched.  He was the impetus of the advanced disguise system and the ideal by which all other disguise officers were judged in the area of advanced disguise fabrication.  His creativity and initiative were extremely instrumental in the research and development of what the silicone mask is today."

He currently works closely with physicians and their patients while focusing on the patient's hopes and expectations.  His goal is to provide an exquisitely personalized, realistic and functional prosthesis.  The basis for his reputation for creative reality can clearly be seen in his results.

Robert A. Erb, Ph.D., has been involved in research and development relating to realistic silicone prostheses since 1978.  He has earned degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel Institute of Technology, and Temple University, (Ph.D. degree:  physical chemistry major).  He has had extensive R&D experience in polymeric materials applications in his career at Franklin Research Center and as an independent scientific consultant and Technical Director of SiliClone Studio.  He has been awarded 20 U.S. patents and is listed in Who's Who in America.

Dr. Erb's subjects for teaching include: the basics of silicones and other materials used in prosthetic devices; factors in realism; color science; multilayer intrinsic coloration and use of the SiliClone Human Coloration System; techniques for fabricating somato prostheses, including molding and casting procedures; and methods for attachment of prostheses.

Robert Pivetta is a materials expert who has been involved in the research and development of realistic silicone prostheses since 1979.  His background blends Art & Science in addition to extensive research and development experience at Battelle Memorial Institute, Logicon Inc. and Northrop Grumman.  In 2005, Mr. Pivetta received a lifetime achievement award recognizing his career contributions as a Principal Research Scientist and Mentor.  Mr. Pivetta also participates in a broad spectrum of conference and networks across the prosthetic and special effects industry.