Informational Video

Robert R. Barron, former Senior CIA Disguise Specialist,
committed to restoring identities through prosthetic devices.


Mr. Barron has been working with prosthetics for three decades. His cumulative experience includes some twenty-four years of altering identities as Senior Disguise Specialist with The Central Intelligence Agency.    Blending this unique background with extensive education and research in the private sector, his design, development and creation of state-of-the-art prosthetic devices consistently challenge the status quo.

His career has centered on sophisticated laboratory procedures together with improvement and implementation of reconstructive design. Working closely with physicians and their patients while focusing on the patient's hopes and expectations, his goal is to provide an exquisitely personalized, realistic and functional prostheses. The basis for his reputation for creative reality can clearly be seen in his finished products.

Click here to view Mr. Barron's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Citation for the Career Intelligence Medal.




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