Ear Prosthesis vs. Ear Reconstructive Surgery

The goal at Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. is to produce high-quality products for patients who desire a realistic-appearing prosthesis. The prosthetic ear for children is one of the most common child prosthetics devices created at Custom Prosthetic Designs. Ear reconstructive surgery is not reversible, whereas prosthetic restoration is reversible.

Parents often look to child prosthetics as a solution to correct their child’s ear deformity such as microtia, atresia, Goldenhar Syndrome, and Treacher Collins Syndrome, arriving at our door by one of two paths, seeking:

Prosthetic Ear Advantage

  • Exact mirror image of the normal ear
  • Realistic appearance, resulting in immediate social rehabilitation
  • Easy care
  • No skin or cartilage harvesting, as in surgery
  • No scarring of the body
  • The prosthesis blends into the microtia or other deformations, including those resulting from surgical reconstruction
  • Adults can have permanent attachment of the prosthesis to the skull, if desired, with osseointegration Adults can have permanent attachment of the prosthesis to the skull, if desired with osseointegration

The silicone ear prosthesis avoids many of the problems associated with ear reconstructive surgery, such as:

  • Infection
  • Possible extrusion of inserts – rib catilage, medpor
  • Multiple operations
  • Pain and scarring
  • Unsatisfactory appearance – in size, shape and color

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