Robert R. Barron, former Senior CIA Disguise Specialist,
committed to restoring identities through prosthetic devices.

In the News

  • Robert Barron and nose patient Wayne Gearhart appeared on Voice of America (News Broadcasting & media production company). The segment aired on October 30, 2022. Title of the segment is: “Former CIA Master of Disguise Now a Master of Prosthetic” Click here to view to video.
  • Robert Barron received the Central Intelligence Retirees Association’s (CIRA) prestigious Lloyd D. Salvetti Award. The criteria for the award are: Conspicuous excellence as an Agency professional; Commitment to CIRA, it’s mission to excellence, growth, and its members; Commitment to reinforcing in Agency officers and educating the public on what it means to be an intelligence officer. It is noteworthy that CIRA has granted only one other Lloyd D. Salvetti Award.
  • February 20, 2019 Robert Barron and patient Laura Schild appeared on “Botched” On E! Network. The segment is titled “Breast Lumps and Empty Noses”.
  • January 11, 2019 Robert Barron and burn survivor patient Samantha Diaz appeared on “Primer Impacto”, which aired on Univision. The segment’s title is “Impacto Positivo’.
  • Ms.Diaz lost an eye, ear and her nose. Robert Barron preformed a miracle, Samantha received and eye prosthesis, an ear prosthesis and a nose prosthesis.
  • November 19, 2018 Robert Barron and burn survivor patient Samantha Diaz appeared on ABC Local 10 News in Miami, Florida. It was titled “Face of Courage: CIA-Inspired Prosthetics Help Burn Victim Blend In”.
  • Ms.Diaz lost an eye, ear and her nose. Robert Barron preformed a miracle, Samantha received and eye prosthesis, an ear prosthesis and a nose prosthesis.
  • In the Loudoun Times-Mirror 2018 “Best of Loudoun” Robert Barron was voted as the “Best Medical Specialist In Loudoun”. Below is the link to the county paper and you will find my business ad on page 6:
  • For those who would like to go to the ad right away please click on the link below:
  • Robert Barron creates bi-lateral ear prosthesis for patient Johnny Quinn and receives the World Humanitarian Award from the Courageous Faces Foundation. May 6, 2017. Below are the links to the videos:
  • Robert Barron and ear patient Charlie Clark appeared on Botched by Nature & Botched Post Op in a feature entitled: “Prosthetic specialist builds man a left ear” on September 7, 2016. Below are links to the story and video:
  • Robert Barron and ear patient Sean Fitz appeared on WTVR CBS 6 news with anchor reporter Laura French. “Master of Disguise helps boy come out of hiding after vicious dog attack”. Part 1. May 23, 2016. “Smiling from ear to ear: Child gets a new ear after vicious dog attack”. Part 2. June 14, 2016. Below are links to the story:
  • Robert Barron has been featured in the National Geographic book entitled “Veterans Voices: Remarkable Stories of Heroism, Sacrifice, and Honor” by authors Robert H. Miller and Andrew Wakeford.
  • Through intimate photographs and poignant stories, this heart-rending book showcases the courage, heroics, and sacrifice of selected U.S. soldiers and veterans. This deeply moving, timely celebration of veterans highlights the heroes in our midst by bringing these brave men and women to life. Veterans Voices blends beauty, impact and gorgeous photographic displays with inspiring storytelling.
  • June 27th, 2015. Robert Barron and patient Joey Bucchere appeared on CTV National News in Canada.
  • “Body Bizarre”, March 14, 2015. Discovery Life Channel. Episode titled “My Baby’s Got An Extra Head”. Robert Barron has designed a mid-face silicone prosthetic device for patient Donnie Fritts that has restored his faith in life.
  • CBS Evening News with Scott Pelly “Retired CIA Agent Uses Spy Skills For New Healing Mission”. February 5, 2015. Robert Barron and patient Erik Brenner.
  • About Face: The Pat Stamp Story“, February 7, 2012 part one and two series and February 8, 2012 part three and four series; Curtis Rumbolt interview Patrick Stamp, patient of Robert Barron.
  • An explosion on a tanker ship took a lot from Patrick Stamp including his face; follow his journey to recovery and finding Robert Barron who has transformed Patrick life. CBC, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Living the Life, March 10, 2008, Christian Broadcasting Network, ABC Family Channel, interview with Prosthetic Specialist Robert Barron.

  • The Art of Living, Retirement Living Television (RTL), Comcast CN8, DIRECTV Channel 238, February 2, 2007. Interview with Robert Barron and patient Petra Szakallas.

  • “Extreme Surgery,” The Discovery Health Channel, April 6, 2005 at 10 pm, April 7, 2005 at 1 am, and April 11, 2005 at 4 am.

  • “The Saturday Night Solution,” CourtTV, August 7, 2004