Robert Barron was recently nominated for the Central Intelligence Retirees Association’s (CIRA) prestigious Lloyd D. Salvetti Award. The criteria for the award are: Conspicuous excellence as an Agency professional; Commitment to CIRA, it’s mission to excellence, growth, and its members; Commitment to reinforcing in Agency officers and educating the public on what it means to be an intelligence officer. Robert made amazing contributions to the success of many Agency operations. He enjoyed the challenges of making effective disguises that could pass close scrutiny and distract attention away from officers so they could successfully complete their operational tasks. His second career following his retirement from the Agency was dictated by his recognition of the fact that persons disfigured by cancer or accidents often suffered from a serious reduction in their quality of life. He embarked on a successful path to give back a disfigured person’s identity by designing facial prosthetics. Robert has stated that each day is a gift but tomorrow is not a given, he intends to keep giving until there’s no tomorrow. It is noteworthy that CIRA has granted only one other Lloyd D. Salvetti Award.