Most people think of a limb or part of a limb when they hear the word “prosthetics”, but there are many other parts of the body that can regain their functionality with a custom prosthesis. Whether the patient has suffered a disease, injury, burn, or congenital defect, adult and child prosthetics from Custom Prosthesis Designs, Inc. can help boost anyone’s self-confidence and allow them to enjoy life once again. The facial prosthetic device restores an absent or malformed part of the face through artificial means.

Types of Prosthetics we Offer

At Custom Prosthetics Designs, Inc., we offer a variety of prosthetic devices suitable for patients who have undergone ear reconstructive surgery and are unsatisfied with the results. Our prosthetic devices also benefit those who have experienced microtia, damaging 3rd degree burns, and various forms of cancer. Below are just some of the prosthetic types available through us and the benefits they can provide for our patients. xanax

Ears: An ear prosthesis can improve hearing by directing sound waves into the auditory canal. It also helps retain eyeglasses and a hearing aid if necessary.

Nose: A prosthetic nose protects sensitive mucous membranes from the elements, prevents the nasal cavity and sinuses from drying out, and restores resonance.

Finger: Prosthetic fingers protect the sensitive amputated tip from trauma and extreme cold temperatures. It also allows a patient to use a computer keyboard and other activities such as playing the piano.

Face: A partial facial prosthesis will not only protect the damaged face, but it will also return a normal look to the patient’s face, providing improved quality of life for the wearer.