After cancer, a preventative mastectomy, a tumor, or an injury resulting in one or both breasts being removed, many women choose to have reconstructive surgery once they have recovered. However, having a breast and/or nipple reconstructed adds additional lengthy and uncomfortable procedures on top of what’s already been experienced. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to avoid the additional trauma.

Order a Custom Prosthetic

At Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc., nipple replacement involves crafting an individually designed prosthetic that will perfectly accentuate your skin tone, breast size, and shape. This easy-to-wear device is far more affordable than additional surgeries.

Wear as You Please

While our prosthetics are comfortable, they’re also removable, allowing you to feel free to wear them when you wish. Some women choose to wear them consistently in order to feel confidence when they look in the mirror. Others prefer to wear them when wearing more revealing clothing. Adderall link link link

Call Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. today to discuss your nipple replacement options. Robert Barron, has decades of experience crafting lifelike prosthetics and will be happy to show you how custom prosthetics can benefit you more so than having to go through reconstructive surgery.