Though many people turn to ear reconstructive surgery as a solution for microtia, atresia, and more, there are many risks associated with the process. First and foremost, surgery is non-reversible and the patient may be stuck with a less than satisfactory job. Though reconstructive surgery may seem like the most reliable solution to a birth defect, surgery can come with a variety of different complications.

  • Infection: As with any surgery, there’s always the risk of infection during the healing process. An infection in or around your ear can have a large amount of unwanted side effects, including loss of hearing.
  • Extrusion of Inserts: Receiving surgery to correct deformities on your ear could lead to important parts of your inner ear being exposed, such as the rib cartilage or medpor. Not only can this reduce confidence in physical appearance, but it also leaves the exposed parts more susceptible to future damage.
  • Pain and Scarring: A surgical procedure is often painful during recovery and sometimes even long after your ear has healed. Unsightly scaring or even the complete removal of the outer ear may leave patients feeling defeated and self-conscious.

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