As the parent of a child with microtia, you may be considering a prosthesis to help your child feel confident again. Through the services provided by Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. there are compelling reasons to get your child fitted for a prosthetic ear without the need for invasive reconstructive surgery.

It’s Removable

A prosthetic ear can be a form of microtia treatment that’s not permanent and won’t leave permanent scarring. It gives the option for your child to remove the prosthesis at home or anywhere they feel safe and comfortable.

More Confidence

With the natural look of a prosthetic ear, your child will regain their confidence to feel like themselves again. Young girls will be more comfortable with things like experimenting with hair styles, rather than feeling too self-conscious.

Contact prosthetic specialist Robert Barron today for your child’s first fitting. Prosthetics are confidence boosters and no one benefits more from that than a child subject to low self-esteem and teasing. In time, your child will grow to become more comfortable and will enjoy all the benefits of wearing a custom prosthetic ear.